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Sunday, April 29, 2012

as a wise (wo)man once said, "a blog a day will keep the stress away,"

-Guess what, guys?
-Oh, I don't know WHAT!?!
-I'm going to try to write a post a day!
-Yay, I'm so darn happy for you (feigns happiness)

ALERT! ALERT! Jasper Express will start producing a blog a day for the next week! CAUTION! May loose a tiny bit of your sanity reading all this stuff.

So if you haven't figured this out by now (sorry, but if you haven't already WOW) I'm going to write a blog post a day for the next week, April 29-May 5.
Yeah, I'm counting today, gotta a problem with that? Huh? Huh?
I don't really get why people start the week with Monday. No, it's not Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 
(Don't know if any of your used to watch Calliou, but his stupid week song went like that) EHH! (buzzer sounds) that's wrong. In fact my dear children, its Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
I watched Mirror Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins and honestly, it wasn't that bad. If you haven't heard about it, its the twisted version of Snow White and I really like the tone Julia Roberts used when she was acting as the evil queen. Snow White was of course gorgeous, but the prince, he was ehh. Yeah, that's a pretty good way to phrase it, he was ehh.

Since I'm writing posts daily, these are going to be rather short. I apologize for the nonexistent convince I have caused you...

Monday, April 23, 2012

We are Young

So lately this song has been getting stuck in my head, which fortunately isn't too bad because I happen to love this sound. (have you heard the acoustic version? It is ah-mazing. I'm not 100% percent sure on what the crap it actually means so anybody out there like to explain it to me? No? No hands? None? Aw poop.
Speaking of poop, Shakespeare Day is getting closer and closer. I finally found a group for my skit but our is going to be Mario themed. I, personally, love Mario but Shakespeare and Mario have nothing in common. And I NEED  a good English grade. My teacher is such a tough grader!!!! Ehh well, life comes and goes. Not like a college is going to look at my middle school file and say, "AHH you failed acting in eighth grade english! You're not getting accepted into our med school!"

No, that's not going to happen.

Yes, I do want to become a doctor. It's going to be so hard!!! But, life's a challenge and you have to take it one step at a time (cheesy inspirational music starts playing)
yes, yes you can quote me as long as you give me credit.
Speaking of quotes (wow that's the second time I've said that in this post) I saw the cutest one of Figment.
"Just cuz I'm SMALL doesn't mean I'm STUPID,"
Ahh, Gen you crack me up. You guys should check her work out. She's great and her link's up above.

You know when I'm typing this up, I make so many errors. I'm such a bad typist I really need to work on my typing. Once I get into the zone, there's no stopping me, but in order to get into the zone I need an inspiration boost. Like, a really good one.
Teenagers theses days (I'm one, BTW) use the world LIKE so much. I try really hard not to say it, but sometimes it slips out. It's kinda like the new umm....(my history teacher, don't even get me started, can't even finish a sentence without uttering the word umm. It's so ANNOYING!!!!) There's this one girl in my class who thinks she smarter than she actually is (she is smart, it's just that she THINKS she's so smart and that degrades her) and says like so many times, I find it really hard to listen to her talk. Really, it's quite hilarious, until she gives you her I-think-I'm-better-at-you-but-I'm-acutally-kinda-pathetic stare. Yeah, stares like that exist. So what?
I'm so HAPPY! Wanna know why? because my annoying house guests left. We had some people visiting us. Their mom was on business in NY and she practically invited her kids to stay in my house while she was away for two weeks. They are slobs. They treated my poor grandma like maids, took things without asking (they ate my giant Kit-Kat bar without asking. They opened it and ate it and it was a birthday present. They were about to take our Lucky Charms cereal but luckily it didn't fit in their bag. They stole a straw saying they were taking it home with them. We had to hide out nutella because they would have finished it. They never ate anything healthy. We went out to eat some Thai food and they ate all the noodles, and rice and curry and left the vegetables whom the next day? That's right, me. And their mom was totally fine with this. She asks my mother if she could drag her overweight suitcase down our wooden floors. That was the last straw for my mom. They flooded our bathroom and left immediately after that to go shopping. There are still stains on our kitchen ceiling because the bathroom is on top of it. Luckily, the water was clean, no sewage or anything.)
 Okay, I'll stop ranting, but in the  next post, get ready for some more because there's more from where that stuff came from....
Have you noticed? My posts are getting longer. This is a great way to vent and right now I'm really stressed.
We are Young by fun. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We have to perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet for english class. English class. We looked at the rubric in class and it has nothing to do with English! Why the heck are we performing for English? And this isn't the first thing we've had to memorize for that class. No, we had to memorize and recite a sonnet too. How is this going to help us in the future?
Oh yeah, I memorized a Shakespeare sonnet, wanna hear it?
No dummy, you're a lawyer. Shakespeare isn't going to help you in this murder case.
See my point? The only things Shakespearean literature will give you is...a lemme think:
No sleep, no sleep, and wait, NO SLEEP! Romeo and Juliet is a nightmare! Now, I'm not saying he isn't talented, because he is. No really, he is. The play is well written but frankly, Romeo is kinda a pain in the @$$. He's a rich spoiled depressed brat who whines about what he thinks is love. Idiot.
Haven't read enough of Juliet to really comment on her, but right now she sounds pretty freakin' awesome. Too bad she killed herself...
Guess what else we do in English? We learn history. That's right, we spent 2 1/2 55 minute class periods talking about background of Shakespearian times and plays. (I'm an English (as in British) history nut so I already knew a lot of the Elizabethan history) Plus, my hands like to take way more notes than necessary, so there I am, scribbling down everything that's pouring out my teachers mouth. Yeah, go ahead at say. I'm a stupid head.
Enough complaining. I had a track meet, again. Ran the 300 hurdles because this one was a make-up for the canceled one last week due to tornado weather. Didn't do so well. Right (I'm mean after the one heat of boys finished their 300 hurdles) I had to run a four by 2. A relay where everybody runs half a track lap. Apparently I did really well, gaining some space between me and the runners behind me. I was too busy trying to get my butt to the other person, I wasn't really thinking about how I was doing.  After that, I couldn't walk for the next five minutes because I had such a bad cramp. Wow, I'm complaining right now, but I promise I'll stop!! So we ended up winning second, yay!!
I'm happy to say I've gotten out of my writers block. I'm still stuck with my main story, but I've had this updating spree for another novel in progress called Disease Identify. Check it out. It's a spy story mixed with some flare and of course romance.
So, I'm heading outta town this weekend. Going to SeaWorld, not specifying which one, but I'm ready to have some fun. Yeah Shamu! (sp? probably)
See,  I told you I'd write a longer post so hah! Well, its not as long as my friend's, but compared to some of my other posts...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Late April Fool's!

Yeah, sorry it's late, but you, know...
Acutually, you don't know. I've been pretty busy lately with this paper I'm writing for my history class. I really want to make straight A's. I've done it once and determined to do it again. Tomorrow I have a track meet, (blah!) and I'm doing the three hundred hurdles. And when the first time I've hurdled? Today. That's right, today. Am I nervous? Nah, pssh, who'd be nerve-OF COURSE I AM!! What if I trip over a hurdle and fall on my face? Ouch!!! I can hardly run a two hundred sprint, how am I going to do a there hundred? And strangely, I kinda want to do this. I mean, I'd much rather do the one hundred hurdles but they don't have that, so I guess I'm stuck with this. Oh, well wish me good luck!!