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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well, this is going to be a short post. And by short, I mean REALLY short. I have finals coming up so I think I'm terminating this daily blog thing. It's just not working and I've been super busy. Sorry invisible readers! Tomorrow's Shakespeare day but I don't have a costume for it. Why? Because my mom can't effing take me to Target to get a cheap make it yourself from random pieces of clothing costume. No, every "costume" I need comes from her closet. A, that's just flat out embarrassing and b, I got yelled at because I said her clothes don't look Shakespeare enough.
Yeah, IKR
Oh and I get yelled out because I didn't ask over the weekend. I wasn't sure what the h*ll happened on Shakespeare. My sister needed a long skirt, so the DAY before (I reminded my parents FOUR days before) we go to mall at 8:00 and buy her a skirt. (from Target) because the MALL didn't have anything. And what do I get?
Here's my crappy old lady clothes that will be too wide and short on you. Enjoy and don't whine.
All I can say is FML...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Super Sorry!

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry nonexistent readers! I said I would do a post a day and totally forget about yesterday's. Wait, don't leave! I have some legitimate excuses.
Shakespeare's fault. Why? Because my group for performances didn't answer their stupid emails or phone calls (well one answered and said they would contact the other one and totally didn't) all weekend so we couldn't get together to make our set. So yesterday, we stayed after school from 3:45-6:30. Yeah, that long to make our set because we performed today. It went well, not too bad. I accidentally cut my partner off a little early and he stumbled on a line. I had to wear a mixing bowl covered with paper and red dots on my head because I was Toad from Mario. Yeah, I felt pretty stupid...Anyway back to Monday. I get home at 7, start homework, eat from 7-7:30. Back to homework until 9:45 which is when I actually make my costume (well the hat and the vest because those were the two things I didn't have) Then it's about 10:15. More homework to about 10:45, then I go to bed. Fall asleep at around 11-11:15. So that's why I didn't post. To make it up to you non existent readers, I have an extra post at the end of the week.

And other thing. On Figment, I have a book called Centonias, which is Greek for one hundred words. basically, Figment has these flash fiction contest where you write a story of one hundred words or less based on a prompt which is based on a book. Centonias has a few that I've made on my own and if you want to try them you're more than welcome to. If you have a Figment, check the book out, and follow the directions there. If you don't then post your entry as a comment and I'll be sure to look at it!
Here's the first one:

This one is based from Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt. Here's a quick summary of the book:
Provided by

As a fourteen year-old who just moved to a new town, with no friends and a louse for an older brother, Doug Swieteck has all the stats stacked against him. So begins a coming-of-age masterwork full of equal parts comedy and tragedy from Newbery Honor winner Gary D. Schmidt. As Doug struggles to be more than the "skinny thug" that his teachers and police think him to be, he finds an unlikely ally in Lil Spicer-a fiery young lady who "smelled like daisies if they were growing a in big field under a clearing sky after a rain." In Lil, Doug find the strength to endure an abusive father, the suspicions of a whole town, and the return of his oldest brother, forever scarred, from Vietnam. Together they find a safe haven in the local library, inspiration in leaning the plates of John James Audubon's bird,s and a hilarious adventure on Broadway stage. In this stunning novel, Schmidt expertly weaves multiple themes of loss and recovery in a story teeming with distinctive, unusual characters an invaluable lessons about love, creativity, and survival.

Doug learns about fitting in with other students, despite his oddities and difference. Writing a story of 100 words of less, create a character who just doesn't seem to fit into a community.

And here's what I wrote:
Jeannette Safairi sighed as she walked down the dusty old street. For three years she had been living in that same old stupid pink house, and never, not once had she made a friend. Oh well, after all, who need friends? They just turned on when you really needed them, like what Sampson had done. Sampson with that sweet smile and gentle nature. No, snap out of it! Sampson's gone and everybody else hated her .She kicked up some dirt, letting the wind snatch it up, carrying it far far away.
Notice how long this post is?
Oh my goodness gracious!
Well, I felt bad about yesterday so maybe this will some how make some of it up?
Well, most  of the text is the summary of the book.
Yeah, well I had to type all of this because the thing copy pasted weird!
I don't care. It's not that long!!!!
Is too!
Is not!!
Shut up imaginary reader! This MY blogpost and I'll do as I please!
It's totally long...