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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Well, this is going to be a short post. And by short, I mean REALLY short. I have finals coming up so I think I'm terminating this daily blog thing. It's just not working and I've been super busy. Sorry invisible readers! Tomorrow's Shakespeare day but I don't have a costume for it. Why? Because my mom can't effing take me to Target to get a cheap make it yourself from random pieces of clothing costume. No, every "costume" I need comes from her closet. A, that's just flat out embarrassing and b, I got yelled at because I said her clothes don't look Shakespeare enough.
Yeah, IKR
Oh and I get yelled out because I didn't ask over the weekend. I wasn't sure what the h*ll happened on Shakespeare. My sister needed a long skirt, so the DAY before (I reminded my parents FOUR days before) we go to mall at 8:00 and buy her a skirt. (from Target) because the MALL didn't have anything. And what do I get?
Here's my crappy old lady clothes that will be too wide and short on you. Enjoy and don't whine.
All I can say is FML...


  1. Sorry bout all that :( But hey, would you rather that your moms clothes look like what they wore in Shakespeare's time??
    It's just not the style today.

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