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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am really craving cheesecake right now. I don't really know why, but a big slice of cheesecake sounds really good. It's either cheesecake or my mom's carrot cake. It soft, and yummy and the icing melts in your mouth, awww, I'm tempting myself. No, seriously, I need something sweet and unhealthy right now. It's calling, its beckoning. No...must...resist...temptation.
I'm having a severe writer's block on my main story and I don't really want to write anything else right now. My main character's a Marine and he's currently a POW. I'm not really sure how I'm going to get him out of it. Rescue? Revolt? Death? No I can't kill my character because my story isn't over yet. But the book is still depressing you can check it out here, but its kinda long. About an hour to read. It's taken forever to read. But one of the books on Figment, it's called Those Green Eyes by Summer Seller. It's a fanfic of Harry Potter and it take 16 hours to read. I just read the last chapter and I think she finished it, but I'm not sure. But I don't want it to be over!! It's a really good novel.
Wait, I went from cheesecake to Harry Potter fanfics. And now I'm changing again. I'm running track this season as my spring sport. The only tiny, itty bitty problem, I hate running. I mean it's okay, but I'd much rather swim or play field hockey. I'm not much of a sprinter and I haven't really tried a really long distance yet. The only thing I'm somewhat good at is long jump. I'm getting better, slowly. Today, we practiced our block starts (the things on the ground you crouch down and push off on) In order to get the best push off ever, you need to lean on your hands, on the track. And it hurts. A lot. I injured one of my fingers by getting in slammed in a door, chipping the bone. Ever since then, that finger has been really sensitive, and it did not like what I was doing today.
Okay wow this post is long. Maybe not for some blogs, but for mine it is. So goodbye!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, I know this is really late, instead of Valentine's Day, I celebrated S.A.D. (Singles Awarness Day) It's pretty much a way to embrace your singleness and not let all the mushy gushiness get to you. To day has been a really stressful day so I'm going to vent it all out to you. Today was an "F" day in my schedule which means I had all of my 5 55 minute classes. For some that may not be a lot, but for me, it is. It also means I have a lot of homework. (I should be finishing up some stupid math right now but ehh that can wait. I've been doing homework for two hours straight) I also had Diversity club which means I had to stay after school, YAY! That equals less homework time and more "why the heck am I doing this?" time. (Because the club leader kinda forces you to attend and participate. Most people go for the food. I personally go for the extra credit) And, (yes there's more) I had track ( I hate running, and yet I run track because I don't want to do P.E.  and I hate all other spring sports) so that means I'm all sticky! Double yay! I can't wait to finish up my homework and go hit the shower with a nice LONG relaxing shower.
I'm not a runner, I'm a a swimmer. And they both use completely different muscles. I swam before this and now that I'm running, I feel so sore because I'm waking up all my old muscles. Okay, now I'm done. And my math homework is calling. So PEACE OUT!! (okay i'm never concluding like that again)
Here's a reward for listening

Guys, credit for this goes to Inhae Renee Lee.I have proof that I'm allowed to use these. If you want it click here. Check out her blog here:

Things for Carrot #3

Things for Carrot #3

"We made you a telephone in case of emergencies."

Things for Carrot #3

"Testing, one, two, three...Testing!"

Things for Carrot #3

"Well, in case it doesn't work- we made you cell phones too."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I just had my history midterm today. I was so nervous, it's not even funny. I mean it was study, study, study! AHHHH! But now it's over, but guess what? I have another one tomorrow. Science! Fun! Honestly, I was more nervous for history, because it's actually really hard. But now, I get to be nervous for science! I'm practically jumping with joy (or nervousness!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Figment Updates

I'm also going to post some updates and covers here. Just random tidbits. Maybe even a few story excerpts, I don't know. Sometimes I make a cover, then get an idea from the story. I'm a really visual learner so when I see something, I can usually make up something about it. Here's a the cover I did for one of my newer stories. It's not even out yet, so you guys are the first! Ahhh, the power of Too bad they're closing. But they did open up all their premium stuff, so that;s how I managed to photoshop all of this.