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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rants and Chocolate Cravings

It's currently 11:19 pm. Not going to specify the time-zone, but yes, it is late. I am currently suffering from a lack of sleep due to staying up till two last night. And then was awaken at 10:30 by my two German Shepherds. One's quite the gentle and the other an idiot who can't get up on my low-rise bed by himself. Yeah, I had to get out and lift him up. Imagine that, lifting a full-grown German Shepherd that he can get onto my bed. And then after that, I had two big dogs at the foot of my bed and no space for my legs.

And onto another subject...I had a sudden feeling of spoiledness (that's not even a words, but surely, you, my nonexistent reader, shan't care about this outrageous error in my oh so fine blog) today when I had jumped into my pool with my street clothes on. It was raining outside and my two dogs were running around the pool like crazy. They hate getting in, but love getting wet no the tanning deck. (If you don't know what a tanning deck is, I'll see if I can find a picture and place it below) Back to me feeling spoiled. Here I was, swimming in water treated to be kept clean for the enjoyment of playing in it when little kids in Africa were thirsty and hungry. I felt so bad and I honestly had no clue what to do about that feeling. I thought of finding a way to collect money to donate it, but how would I do that? My mother, who is an overprotective person, doesn't really let me do things on my own. A lemonade stand? Selling little trinkets? Knocking on doors?
Does anybody have any ideas? No hands? Who am I kidding, I don't expect any hands. Well, if I get any, tell me in the comments section.

I was on a plane back from San Francisco three days ago and I was watching The Lorax because I had wanted to see it in theaters but didn't due to hearing that it was indeed terrible. (The fact that Zac Effron was in it was a bonus even though it was just his voice.) So I watched the movie and sadly it wasn't that great. As usual, Seuss's ideas were amazing, the movie just wasn't made that well, and the songs frankly sucked. But one thing in the movie struck me. The man who practically owned the town was a gentleman by the name O'Hare and he was selling bottled air. Now, I know you're think, that's totally ridiculous. Who would by bottled air? The air quality outside the little bubble of the perfect city was terrible, so clean air was kinda vital. But selling it? We already do that with water. I mean, are planet is 70% water and we still have to pay for getting clean decent water. Yeah, a very small fraction is clean, but if you had talked to Native American about that a couple hundred years ago... At one of the places I stayed at in California when I was on vacation had a framed copy of letter from a Native American chief to President Roosevelt (not sure which one) a reply to the President's request to purchase the Native American's land. The chief had so kindly and so beautifully stated how ridiculous the idea of selling and buying earth and sky was. In a way buying property makes sense, but yet it doesn't.
I wonder what the human society has come to.

Well this post certainly has been very serious. I don't really know why, I really should lighten up a bit.

I'm really craving chocolate right now, but I go downstairs and sneak some chocolate my mom would kill me. Chocolate at night isn't a good idea. Well to me it is, but my body wants to remain healthy and my teeth are screaming no. Speaking of which I need to go brush them.


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  1. Haha, sorry about your animals taking up all the space! My cat sleeps in my bed, and she always manages to take up at least half the bed, not to mention it's a queen... =)