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Friday, July 6, 2012

Tandem Bikes

You know what I've come to realize? People don't like other people who tend to act a lot like them selves. Take my dear sweet (note: my voice is dripping with tons of sarcasm) mother, doesn't really like it when I act similar to the way she acts when she's mad. I do act a lot like her when I'm mad and I get in a lot of trouble for it. But enough whining non-exsistant readers, I'm sure you'd rather hear about the beautiful city of San Francisco. Yes that does sound like a lovely idea. What does one do while vacationing in he Golden Gate City other than see the golden gate it's self? Why Alcatraaz of course!! But guess who's not going to Alcatraaz? Me. I did, however, bike on the golden gate bridge. Now that was fun and as an added bonus, I got to see my athletically lacking mother and my stubborn sister ride a double bikey thing, a tandem bike. Yeah that was funny. Now we're going to go kite flying in Berkely. Doesn't that sound like fun. I bet your super jealous right now because I know I would be :) Well, I gotta go by greetings from San Francisco!

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